Tour It Yourself!

Project MGMT


StageSurfing is the idea of an online platform where you can find DIY tour tools to set up a live performance as well as a link between bands and professionals to help making new music connections. Our goal is to offer support to organize an entire tour and get heard outside your home-country. From beginning to end, we can help with everything that’s in between one gig and the other. Are you planning an itinerary or looking for a hotel? Do you need to rent a van or a drum-kit? Do you need a venue details, a photographer, or even help with daily routine management? On StageSurfing you will find all this, and much more. This is the reason why we welcome on our platform not only musicians, clubs, agents and managers but also anyone offering services for the live music scene. If you own a hostel or a restaurant, run a recording studio, rent vans or instruments, or do anything that can be useful to a touring band, just list it on StageSurfing and offer your deal!

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Live consulting, booking & tour management
  • BIRDY HUNT – Indie Rock /Pop – Paris, France (Anisette Astronomie) ::: UK and ITALY
  • M+A – Dance /Future Pop – Italy (Monotreme Records) ::: GLASTONBURY & UK 2014
  • KAUFMAN – Indie Rock/Pop/Songwriting – Brescia, IT (Irma Records) ::: ITALY
  • WANA  Live Electronics – Padova, Italy (Irma Records) ::: ITALY & EU
Festivals and events implementation
  • REVOLUTION: Manchester 013 @Kraak, w/Princess Century (Maya Postepski of AUSTRA)
  • ECLECTICA: Manchester/London 014 @Various Venues
  • INDIE PRIDE: Bologna 013 @Locomotiv Club; Bologna 014 @TPO (18th October, w/ The Hidden Cameras)
  • CRONIKA: Bologna 014-015 @Cassero LGBT Center. Monthly appointment with queer electronic sounds. Launch: 22 November w/Olivia Louvel
Other work

And then what?

Our platform was launched as a beta project and got good feedback, however we found ourselves working more on consultancy. We’ve built a solid network of bands, labels, booking agencies, festivals and venues between France, Italy and the UK. We’ve booked gigs and arranged exposure opportunities for a few bands, then in 2013 I started working with the electro-pop duo M+A (now Shantii), who won Glastonbury ETC competition in 2014. I moved to Bologna, Bee moved to Lisbon, and StageSurfing has slowly been dropped.


Stagesurfing was thought as a gamified tool allowing anyone to organise a tour anywhere. We got good and interesting feedback, from bands as well as from music professionals. However it had many weaknesses: one of those was being a desktop-based platform at a time when mobile apps were about to take over. I still think it could be an interesting project, but I would definitely do things differently now.