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CRONIKA is a receptacle of electronic sounds, visual suggestions, and alternative production patterns.

CRONIKA is research into the underground landscapes, a contribution to the creation of a European network, a not so prudish flirt with the queer experimental scene.

CRONIKA is a celebration of female and fabulous talents, a social moment for each and every body, a throbbing mix of local and international bits.


Through 2014 and 2016, we organised a series of events in Bologna, including the Gender Bender International Festival closing party 2015 with Electric Indigo.

Live acts

Olivia Louvel (UK)
Petit Singe (IT)
Let her dive (IT)
Lilia (IT)
Electric Indigo (AT)
I'm not a Blonde (IT)


live = lacandida
graphics = The Park


Twat Boutique (UK)
Trippy & Sofa Queen (IT)
S/HE Tomboys don't Cry (IT)
Hyperaktivist (DE)
Group A (JP)
Super Soft Sound djas (IT)


Cronika is = 
Laura Piccinini & Sara Manfredi